Certosa di Pontignano Congress Centre - University of Siena
UniveritÓ degli Studi di Siena


Article 1

The Certosa di Pontignano hosts activities related to the University of Siena's institutional tasks. Italian and foreign scholars may also be hosted at the Certosa.

Article 2

Reservations for the Certosa’s services are only accepted in written form and normally only for periods until 31 December of the following year.
A reservation can only be considered valid following confirmation by the Certosa and payment of a deposit equivalent to 20% of the cost of the services required.
If the deposit has not been paid within 60 days of confirmation by the Certosa, the reservation will be considered cancelled. Deposits for services booked and not used cannot be returned.

Article 3

For groups of over 20 people, reservations may be cancelled up to 30 days prior to the period booked: for groups of 20 people or less and individual reservations, notice of cancellation must be received 5 days prior to the period booked.
In the event of cancellations received later than these terms, the following amounts are due:
- groups over 20 people: payment for 50% of all services booked;
- individual bookings and/or groups of 20 people or less: payment for 50% of services booked for the first night only.

Article 4

The Certosa's service rates are established by the University of Siena's Administrative Board (Annex 1) and can be revised by the end of September each year.

Article 5

While absolute priority is given to the use of the Certosa for the University’s institutional activities, as set forth in art. 1, when not required by the University the structure may be used by bodies, associations and university employees, at higher rates than for internal users (see annex).
Regarding university employees, the Certosa may only be used for the organisation of social events (by the University staff club and other groups).
Reservations can be accepted no earlier than one month prior to the event and subject to the University’s right to priority use under art. 1.

Article 6

Individuals or groups over six months in arrears cannot be provided with accommodation.

Article 7

The Management of the Certosa is responsible for the implementation of these Regulations.

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