Molecular Medicine Section

Department of Neuroscience, University of Siena

Professor, Director Molecular Medicine Section
Department of Neuroscience
University of Siena, Siena, Italy

Director, Molecular Medicine Unit,
University Hospital of Siena (AOUS), Siena, Italy

Research interests
Research projects
Laboratory members
PhD in Molecular Medicine
Diagnostic activities
Secretary office
0577 234079
0577 234130; 153; 157; 185
0577 234191
0577 234192; 234051
Laboratory members

The laboratory consists of about 20 persons, including scientists, technicians, post-docs, PhD students, undergraduate students and secretarial staff. The group has an interdisciplinary approach to research with expertise ranging from cell biology, biochemistry, molecular and medical genetics, molecular biology and development of animal models. These techniques are applied to projects ranging from basic science to clinical diagnosis.


Vincenzo Sorrentino, MD, Professor and Chairman

Daniela Rossi, PhD, Researcher

Postdoctoral fellows

Egan Colin, PhD
Angelo Fortunato, PhD
Federica Gambelli, PhD
Barbara Gava, PhD
Emiliana Giacomello, PhD
Rowena Lavery, PhD
Francesca Pampinella, PhD

Research Assistants

Daniela Franci
Stefania Lorenzini
Barbara Martorelli
Francesco Petrioli
Serena Tronnolone

PhD Students

Francesca Benini, MS
Lucia Golini, MS
Elisa Lari, MS
Ivana Manini, MS
Jelena Vujovic, MS

Postgraduate fellows

Emilia Assenza, MS
Federica Sasdelli, MS

Clinical staff

Alfredo Orrico, MD, Clinical Researcher (AOUS)
Lucia Galli, PhD, Clinical Researcher (AOUS)
Vincenzo Tegazzin, MD, Clinical Consultant (AOUS)

Undergraduate Students


Masi Sonia