History of Medieval Philosophy

This English version is intended to present to a general audience the most relevant parts of the hypertextual Handbook of Medieval Philosophy elaborated by the editorial team coordinated by Michela Pereira, Full Professor of History of Medieval Philosophy at the University of Siena. The general chapters and sections dedicated to themes correspond to the Italian original version. The sections which treat ‘authors’, on the contrary, have not been translated, since the English references can easily be retrieved through the web links attached.
James Ch. Kriesel, MA, MMS (University of Notre Dame, IN) has translated the Italian texts into English; Dr. Eleonora Buonocore (University of Notre Dame, IN; and University of Siena, Italy) has assisted in the translation; Michela Pereira has revised the translated texts.

Philosophy in the Middle Ages
Main Features
The Middle Ages and Modern Philosophy
On studying Medieval Philosophy