UniversitÓ di Siena
Centro interdipartimentale di studi UniversitÓ di Siena

    Doctoral School
    Anthropology, History and Culture Theory

    Since June 2007, the graduate program "Anthropology of the Ancient World" has been a part of the doctoral school in "Anthropology, History and Culture Theory", operating under the aegis of the Italian Institute for the Humanities (Instituto Italiano di Scienze Umane – SUM, headed by Umberto Eco and coordinated by Aldo Schiavone) and the University of Siena. Its director is Professor Maurizio Bettini.
    The program’s courses, held at the Center for Anthropology of the Ancient World, are taught by a faculty of international renown (including Bruce Lincoln, Claude Calame, Carlo Ginzburg, Marcel Detienne, Carlo Severi and many others). Currently, there are 24 graduate students (8 per year) enrolled in the program. These students have the opportunity to attend seminars given by prestigious professors from Italy and elsewhere, and – above and beyond their fellowship – also receive a housing stipend for residence in Siena. Students can also avail themselves of all the advantages afforded by affiliation with the Italian Institute for the Humanities (SUM), an organization highly regarded in the field of humanities research.
    Furthermore, in conjunction with other important Italian and European cultural institutions, the graduate program hosts conferences and conventions and regularly participates in academic exchanges, permitting students to complete their course of study abroad (after the first cycle).