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    Dott. Fabio Vicini

    N.B. Vincitore del  Malcolm H. Kerr Dissertation Award in the Social Sciences 2013.
    Premiato nei giorni scorsi a New Orleans (Louisiana) dalla Middle East Studies Association per la migliore tesi 2013 nel campo delle scienze sociali con un lavoro di ricerca dal titolo: Islamic Education, Reasoning Practices and Civic Engagement: The Gülen and Suffa Communities in Turkey.


    Dati personali

    Place and Date of birth: Parma, Italy, November 26, 1981
    Email: fabiovicini@gmail.com
    Tel.: 0039 340/8057021


    Academic studies and degrees

    2003 - 2006 MA in Anthropology, University of MilanoBicocca, 110/110 with distinction
    (supervisors: Setrag Manoukian, Claudia Mattalucci)
    2000 - 2003 Degree in Social Sciences, University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, 110/110 with
    distinction (supervisors: Fabio Viti, Demetrio Giordani) GRANTS
    2008 - 2011 PhD scholarship, SUM - Italian Institute for Humans Sciences (Siena) RESEARCH EXPERIENCE (FIELDWORK):
    Istanbul (Turkey)July - September 2005, for my Degree's Thesis
    March - August 2008, research project on socioeconomic
    conditions, expectations and desires of young people living in Sultanbeyli neighborhood (Istanbul) for Başak - Kültur ve Sanat Vakfı (Başak - Culture and Art Foundation) within EVS EU Project.
    In parallel: continuation of my research on moderate Islam in Turkey, in particular on the Fethullah
    Gülen movement.

    Editorial responsabilities

    2004 - Editor of ACHAB - Rivista di Antropologia (Anthropological Review) Via Luini, 8 - 20123, Milan Tel.: (0039) 02 Website: www.achabrivista.it

    Paper presentations

    27 May 2007 "Some Reflections on the Anthropology of the Middle East and the idea of Europe", paper presented at the 1st International Congress, Anthropology Association, Turkey, 2527
    May 2007, Halis Kurtça Culture Center, Kadiköy, Istanbul.
    27 October 2007 "Gülen's rethinking of Islamic pattern and its socio-political effects", paper
    presented at the International Conference on the Muslim World in Transition, 25-27 October 2007, House of Lords, SOAS, London School of Economics, London.
    13 June 2009 "Fethullah Gülen movement's call for moral guidance in contemporary society", paper to be presented at CESNUR Conference on New Religious Movements, 1014
    June 2009, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

    Lingue conosciute

    English (fluent), French (fluent), Turkish (intermediate speaker), Spanish (intermediate reading and oral comprehension), Italian (mother tongue)


    • Il movimento di Fethullah Gülen. Un progetto 'islamico' in uno stato'secolare'? (The Fethullah Gülen Movement. An 'Islamic' project in a 'secular' state?), in ACHAB - Rivista di Antropologia, Milan, 2006 VIII, 4450.
    • Gülen's Rethinking of Islamic Pattern and its SocioPolitical Effects, Proceedings of the International Conference on the Muslim World in Transition, Leeds Metropolitan University Press, London 2007, 430444
    • (forthcoming) Orta Doğu Antropolojisi üzerine bazı düşünceler ve Avrupa'nın fikri"/"Some Reflections on the Anthropology of the Middle East and the idea of Europe, 1st International Congress of the Anthropology Association Proceedings.