D.F. Hochstrasser, J.C. Sanchez University of Geneva, Switzerland
L. Bini, V. Pallini, University of Siena, Italy

Nobel Laureate Werner Arber will present a lecture entitled: "Genetically encoded generators of genetic variants"


The Siena Meeting will reach its 8th edition in 2008, as it was held in Siena biannually since 1994 when, at the first one, the idea of the Proteome was first introduced to a large audience. Thanks to its marvellous atmosphere that offers a perfect balance of science and history, the Siena Meeting is still recognized as one of the most important proteomics conference and is extremely well attended by scientists from all over the World.
This edition will be held, as usual from 1994, in the first week of September 2008. Due to the presence of another international proteomics conference in Europe in the middle of August -HUPO 2008-, we have decided to reduce  the size of our meeting to a maximum of 400 participants.
This will give us the possibility to maintain the major goal of the meeting that is the possibility to organize  a conference at which science would take the centre stage and the discussions would be conducted in a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We look foward to welcome you in this wonderful venue, inside the ancient walls of the medieval town of Siena.

The 400 participants will be selected based on the order of registration and payment of the fee.





We encourage Siena meeting participants to also attend HUPO meeting in Amsterdam