TOPICS to be covered include (but are not limited to) :

Lattice path enumeration

Plane Partitions


Young tableaux


Orthogonal polynomials


Random walks

Non parametric statistical inference

Discrete distributions and urn models

Queueing theory

Analysis of algorithms

Graph Theory and Applications

Self-dual codes and unimodular lattices

Bijections between paths and other combinatoric structures


A. Bernini (University of Florence, Italy)
S. Bilotta (University of Siena, Italy)
S. Brocchi (University of Florence, Italy)

F. Disanto (University of Siena, Italy)

L. Ferrari (University of Florence, Italy)

A. Frosini (University of Florence, Italy)
P. Pin (University of Siena, Italy)
M. Poneti (University of Siena, Italy)

L. Vagaggini (University of Siena, Italy)


G. Andrews (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

N. Balakrishnan (McMaster University, Canada)

C. Krattenthaler (Wien University, Austria)

R. Pinzani (University of Florence, Italy)

S. Rinaldi (University of Sienna, Italy)

Ch. A. Charalambides (University of Athens, Greece)

D. Zeilberger (Rutgers University, USA)

G. Schaeffer (CNRS, France)

A. Godbole (East Tennessee State University, USA)

A. Krinik (California State University)


Coordinator: Sri Gopal Mohanty, McMaster University , Canada