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The Symposium will be held at the “Complesso Didattico S. Niccolò” in Via Roma, 56; practically flanking the medieval walls of Siena , the complex is located near Porta Romana, the most beautiful of the city gates.

The structure comprises the “Padiglione esterno” and a historical building (S. Niccolò) which has been recently completely restored. A lunatic asylum from 1818 to the second half of the last century, S. Niccolò is now the site of Siena University 's Faculties of Engineering and Humanities. The so-called “Padiglione esterno” is a new building containing four lecture rooms shared between the two Faculties. It has a modular structure, and the four rooms can be transformed into a single one which can host up to 700 people.
Wireless connection is available in all the area of Complesso Didattico S. Niccolò

Click here to see the map of the “Complesso Didattico S. Niccolò”


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