----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SESSIONS

Please note that brief descriptions are provided for the new sessions and sub-sessions.

1. Field Archaeology in memory of Riccardo Francovich
(Remote Sensing and Geophysical Prospecting, sampling and fieldwalking strategies, in situ observations of preservation, site monitoring, etc.)

2. Archaeo-chronometry (New developments in dating techniques, novel applications, methods of combining dating strategies, new interpretation strategies, synchronization of cultures, cultural phase analysis, etc.)
2.1. Recent Developments in Radiocarbon Dating (Special Sub-session)

3. Human - Environment Interactions (Geoarchaeology, Palaeoclimate studies, Landscape Archaeology, Environmental reconstructions, etc.)

4. Bioarchaeology (DNA, Human Diet, health, mobility, demography, residues, zooarchaeology, archaeobotany, etc.)
4.1. Food preparation and consumption in Antiquity (Special Sub-session)

5. Stone, Plaster and Pigments (Technology and Provenance)

6. Ceramics, Glazes, Glass and Vitreous Materials (Technology and Provenance)

7. Metals and Metallurgical Ceramics (Technology and Provenance)

8. Integrated Site Studies (they should combine: excavation procedure, scientific studies of materials and environment, and archaeological interpretation)

9. Special Theme Session for Siena
Micro/nano diagnostic and ancient technology