-------------------------------------------------------------------- STUDENT POSTER AWARDS AND FINANCIAL SUPPORT

Martin Aitken Prizes for Best Student Posters (download the form)
To encourage the active participation of students in the Archaeometry Symposium, the Standing Committee offers two prizes of 200 euro each, for the best posters representing the work of students enrolled in programs leading to degrees in science or archaeological science. Students that wish to apply for these prizes do not have to be the only author of the posters, as co-authored posters are also admissible. To apply, fill in the Aitken Form, print and sign it and send it to Award Secretariat (listed below).
The posters will be judged by a committee during the symposium on the clarity of presentation of the subject and results and on the technical construction of the poster. The latter does not necessarily imply the use of very luxurious and expensive materials. Students must attend the Symposium to claim their prizes.

R.E. Taylor Student Posters Award
The Society for Archaeological Sciences will offer prizes for the best student archaeometric posters presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology (March 26 through 30: Vancouver, Canada) and the International Symposium on Archaeometry (May 12 through 16: Siena, Italy).  One award will be given at each venue. Prizes include a one-year membership in the SAS, including the quarterly Bulletin, and a monetary award of $100 (US). The student should be the first author and the presenter of the poster.  Criteria for the award are significance of the archaeological problem, appropriateness of the archaeometric methods used, soundness of conclusions, quality of the poster display, and oral presentation of the poster.  Students must be present at the meeting in order to compete.  To apply, please send a copy of the poster abstract (indicating the student author), a correspondence address, and the name and date of the session in which the poster will be presented.

Deadline for ISA entries: Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Email entry information and direct questions to:
AJ Vonarx, SAS Membership Development

Riccardo Francovich prizes for Best PhD Student Posters
Two prizes of 500 euro each will be awarded. Two finalists will be selected, based on the quality of the poster. Criteria are integration of scientific and archaeological work, data analysis and proper interpretation of the results. A panel of judges will evaluate the posters during both poster sessions.
PhD students wishing to apply should send an email within April 30th to Alessandra Pecci (alepecci@gmail.com), certifying that they are currently enrolled in a PhD program. To be eligible for an award, applicants must
1) be the first author on a poster submission (co-authored posters are admissible);
2) attend the Symposium.

Financial support
Financial support are expected from some private and public institutions for a limited number of students and other applicants, in order to completely cover all expenses (travel and stay), or only some expenses (travel or accommodation or conference fee). Applicants will have to send a brief curriculum and a presentation letter to the Award Secretariat, within December 1st 2007.

Award Secreteriat
Alessandra Pecci
Dipartimento di Archeologia e Storia delle Arti
Via Roma 56 - 53100 SIENA - Italy
Phone: +039 3385320061