----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- POSTERS PROGRAM

The Posters are divided into 2 sessions:

Tuesday 13 th May: Poster session I from 14.05 to 16.35
Ceramics, glazes, glass and vitreous materials (technology and provenance), Stone, plaster and pigments (technology and provenance), Micro and nano diagnostics and ancient technology

Thursday 15 th May - Poster session II from 14.20 to 16.50
Bioarchaeology, Food preparation and consumption in antiquity, Field archaeology, Archaeo-chronometry, Recent developments in radiocarbon dating, Human environment interactions, Metals and metallurgical ceramics (technology and provenance), Integrated site studies

Authors can fix their poster from Wednesday afternoon. The poster board must be left not later than Friday afternoon.

Each poster must fit entirely within an area of 70 cm (large) x 100 cm (high). The important goal of the poster sessions is to offer Symposium participants the chance to interact and to establish contacts for further correspondence.
For this reason, it is important to feature the following PROMINENTLY on your poster and on any handouts you distribute:
1. The title of your poster;
2. The name(s) and institution(s) of the author(s);
3. If possible, the E-mail address of at least one author;
4. The postal mail address, phone, and fax numbers of at least one author.

Posters should be readable from a distance of about 2 metres. Material for attaching posters to the poster board will be provided by the Organization.