Università degli Studi di Siena



Third European Workshop in Drug Synthesis

University of Siena

Certosa di Pontignano (Siena) - Italy

May, 23rd - 27th 2010

                                    ...Overall, the II EWDSy was a very useful and extremely well organized event that certainly can be considerd as a small germ in the crowded agenda of courses and workshops dedicated to organic chemistry... - SYNFORM, August 2008

The "Third European Workshop in Drug Synthesis" (III EWDSy) is to be held from May, 23rd to 27th 2010 in Certosa di Pontignano ( http://www.unisi.it/servizi/certosa/en/certosa.htm ), on the outskirt of the beautiful city of Siena, in Tuscany (Italy).

This edition will be focused on modern Synthetic Methodologies in Medicinal Chemistry.

The Workshop will consist of lectures in the morning and applications of techniques and methodologies for the drug design in the afternoon (i.e. virtual screening, softwares for the synthesis, instrument description and exhibition, exercises etc.)


Karl-Heinz Altmann (ETH, Zürich - Switzerland)

Miguel Yus Astiz (University of Alicante - Spain)

Pier Giovanni Baraldi ( University of Ferrara - Italy)

Erick Carreira (ETH Zurich - Switzerland)

Janine Cossy (CNRS - France)

Gerhard F. Ecker (University of Wien - Austria)

Markus Kalesse (University of Hannover - Germany)

Stephen Hanessian (Université de Montréal - Canada; University of California, Irvine - USA)

Victor Kartsev (Inter Bio Screen - Russia)

Ari Koskinen (Aalto University - Finland)

Hugo Kubinyi (Germany)

Laszlo Kurti (Harvard University - USA)

Dennis C. Liotta (Emory University - USA)

Thierry Langer (Prestwick Chemical - France) 

Benjamin List (Max Planck Institute - Germany) 

Sanjay V. Malhotra (National Cancer Institute, Frederick - USA)

Stephen Neidle (University of London - UK)

Luc Neuville (CNRS - France)

Emmanuel N. Pitsinos (NCSR Demokritos - Greece)

Dieter Schinzer (University of Magdeburg - Germany)

Christof Schwab (Molecular Networks GmbH - Germany) 

Pierfausto Seneci (University of Milano - Italy) 

Nicholas John Turner (University of Manchester - UK) 

Georgios E. Vassilikogiannakis (University of Crete - Greece) 

III EWDSy will be followed by a COST Meeting (CM0801) dealing with New drugs for neglected diseases (Certosa di Pontignano, May 28th to 30th). Anybody interested in this event is invited to attend (extra-fee of 300, accommodation included )