Wednesday, June 10 th


8.00-9.30 Registration


9.30-10.00 Opening Session


10.00-11.00 (Auditorium) Invited Session 1

Chair: G. Cicchitelli (Università di Perugia)


10.00-10.45 C.E. Särndal (University of Montreal) Advances in the use of auxiliary variables and calibration


10.45-11.00 Discussion


11.00-11.30 Coffee Break


11.30-13.00 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 1

Methodological Issues of Sample Surveys

Chair: G. Diana (Università di Padova)

11.30-11.50 D. Cocchi (Università di Bologna) Sampling strategies for population censuses


11.50-12.10 R. Borgogni (Università di Milano Bicocca), D. Marasini (Università di Milano – Bicocca), P. Quatto (Università di Milano Bicocca) Effect-control sampling and odds ratio


12.10-12.30 G.E. Montanari (Università di Perugia), M.G. Ranalli (Università di Perugia) Properties of p-splines calibration with nonresponse


12.30-12.50 P.F. Perri (Università della Calabria) A calibration-based approach to randomized response


12.50-13.00 Discussion


13.00-14.30 Lunch


14.30-16.00 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 2

Small Area Estimation

Chair: M. Pratesi (Università di Pisa)


14.30-14.50 G. Datta (University of Georgia), B. Liseo (Università di Roma La Sapienza ) Bayesian small area estimation in measurement error models


14.50-15.10 E. Fabrizi (Università Cattolica, Piacenza), N. Salvati (Università di Pisa), M. Pratesi (Università di Pisa) Benchmarking and constraining of small area estimators based on M-quantile methods


15.10-15.30 M.R. Ferrante (Università di Bologna), S. Pacei (Università di Bologna), C. Trivisano (Università di Bologna) Ranking small domain estimates of income poverty indicators


15.30-15.50 E. Rocco (Università di Firenze), C. Giusti (Università di Pisa) Small area estimation in presence of nonresponse


15.50-16.00 Discussion


16.00-16.30 Coffee Break


16.30-18.00 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 3

Estimation with Incomplete Frames

Chair: G. Nicolini (Università di Milano)


16.30-16.50 S. Biffignandi (Università di Bergamo) Imperfect frames and new data collection techniques


16.50-17.10 L. Fabbris (Università di Padova), S. Gorelli (Università della Tuscia, Viterbo) Coverage rates of mobile telephones and the Internet in Italy


17.10-17.30 P. Falorsi (ISTAT), C. Casciano (ISTAT)
Principles and methods for estimation with incomplete frames in the structural business surveys. The experience of National Statistical Institute of Italy


17.30-17.50 A.C. Singh (Statistics Canada), F. Mecatti (Università di Milano Bicocca)
A generalized multiplicity-adjusted Horvitz-Thompson class of multiple frame estimators


17.50-18.00 Discussion


18.00-19.30 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 4

Combining data from different sources

Chair: N. Torelli (Università di Trieste)


18.00-18.20 A. Tancredi (Università di Roma La Sapienza), B. Liseo (Università di Roma La Sapienza) A novel Bayesian approach to matching and size population problems


18.20-18.40 P.L. Conti (Università di Roma La Sapienza), M. Di Zio (ISTAT), D. Marella (Università Roma Tre), M. Scanu (ISTAT) Uncertainty analysis in statistical matching


18.40-19.00 N. Cibella (ISTAT), M. Fortini (ISTAT), T. Tuoto (ISTAT) The impact of missing data on record linkage problems


19.00-19.20 M. D'Orazio (ISTAT), M. Di Zio (ISTAT), M. Scanu (ISTAT), N. Torelli (Università di Trieste), M. Ballin (ISTAT) Statistical matching of two surveys with a common subset


19.20-19.30 Discussion


20.30 Welcome Party


Thursday, June 11 th


8.30-10.00 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 5

Agricultural Surveys in European countries

Chair: A. Giommi (Università di Firenze)


8.30-8.50 V. Rondinelli (ISTAT), E. Scavalli (ISTAT) A comparison between the Beaumont and traditional approaches to weighting and inference in official sample surveys


8.50-9.10 R. Benedetti (Università di Chieti-Pescara), F. Piersimoni (ISTAT) PS selection of agricultural and food firms


9.10-9.30 R. Salvatore (Università di Cassino), C. Russo (Università di Cassino), M. Pagliarella (Università di Cassino)  Pseudo-EBLUP estimation in assessing stochastic production frontier models


9.30-9.50 L. Martino (European Commission DG-ESTAT), A. Palmieri (European Commission DG-ESTAT), J. Gallego (European Commission DG-JRC) Use of auxiliary information in the sampling strategy of a European area frame agro-environmental survey


9.50-10.00 Discussion


10.00-11.00 (Auditorium) Invited Session 2

Chair: P. Corona (Università della Tuscia, Viterbo)


10.00-10.45 T. Gregoire (Yale University) Advances in forest and environmental surveys


10.45-11 Discussion


11.00-11.30 Coffee Break


11.30-13.00 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 6

Surveys for Animals and Plant Populations

Chair: L. Fattorini (Università di Siena)


11.30-11.50 P. Gasparini (CRA-MPF), F. De Natale (CRA-PLF), G. Tabacchi (CRA-MPF) A three-phase sampling strategy for large scale forest inventory, arguments for and against in the Italian example


11.50-11.10 T. Di Battista (Università di Chieti-Pescara) Design-based inference for functional diversity profiles


12.10-12.30 V. La Morgia (Università di Torino), S. Focardi (ISPRA), R. Calmanti (ISPRA), A. Calabrese (ISPRA) Adaptive sampling design in distance sampling surveys of ungulates


12.30-12.50 F. Ferretti (Università di Siena), C. Pisani (Università di Siena), A. Sforzi (Museo di Storia Naturale della Maremma) Two-stage estimation of ungulate abundance in Mediterranean areas usign pellet group count


12.50-13.00 Discussion


13.00-14.30 Lunch


14.30-15.30 (Auditorium) Invited Session 3

Chair: L. Barabesi (Università di Siena)


14.30-15.15 Y. Berger (University of Southampton) Advances in asymptotics for the design-based approach


15.15-15.30 Discussion


15.30-16.00 Coffee Break


16.00-18.00 (Auditorium) Contributed paper session 1

Theoretical issues in sample surveys and small area estimation

Chair: D. Cocchi (Università di Bologna)


I.I.P. Goffredo (Università di Bari), N. Ribecco (Università di Bari) Bayesian estimator for dual frame sampling surveys

C. Galeone (Università di Milano), A. Pollastri (Università di Milano Bicocca) Sample size for estimating the ratio of two means

M. D'Alò (ISTAT), L. di Consiglio (ISTAT), S. Falorsi (ISTAT), M. Pratesi (Università di Pisa), M.G. Ranalli (Università di Perugia), F. Solari (ISTAT) Small area models for unemployment rate estimation at sub-provincial areas in Italy


S. Marchetti (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, Pisa), M. Pratesi (Università di Pisa) Small area head count ratio standard error estimation


G. E. Montanari (Università di Perugia), G.M. Ranalli (Università di Perugia), C. Vicarelli (Università di Perugia) Estimation of small area counts with the benchmarking property


G. Sofronov (University of Wollongong , Australia), R. Chambers (University of Wollongong , Australia) Spatial moving average models for small area estimation


G. Cicchitelli (Università di Perugia), G.E. Montanari (Università di Perugia) Model Assisted Estimation of a Spatial Mean


16.00-18.00 (Aula Riunioni ) Contributed paper session 2

Sample surveys on business, firms, labour and employment

Chair: L. Fabbris (Università di Padova)

M. Bugamelli (Banca d'Italia), L. D'Aurizio (Banca d'Italia)
Measuring firm productivity by combining different micro data sources: challenges and opportunities for the Italian case

P. M. Chiodini (Università di Milano Bicocca), F. De Battisti (Università di Milano)
On the archives matching in Information Technology field

P.M. Chiodini (Università di Milano Bicocca), S. Facchinetti (Università Cattolica, Milano), G. Manzi (Università di Milano), F. Verrecchia (ESeC, Milano)
Business survey methods for the Italian Information Technology sector

R. Gatto (ISTAT), S. Loriga (ISTAT), A. Spizzichino (ISTAT)
Producing monthly estimates of labour market indicators exploiting the longitudinal dimension of Labour Force Survey

M. Giammatteo (ISFOL)
The Participation Labour Unemployment Survey: methodology and implementation

R. Lima (ISAE), B.M. Martelli (ISAE), G. Rocchetti (ISAE)
The ISAE business tendency surveys: upgrading the manufacturing survey sample design

G. James (UK Office for National Statistics)
Changing the industrial classification at the UK Office for National Statistics


16.00-18.00 (Biblioteca) Contributed paper session 3

Raw data improvement: methods for handling non-response and self selection

Chair: F. Mecatti (Università di Milano Bicocca)


M.S. Ahmed (Sultan Qaboos University , Oman), O. Al-Titi (Yarmouk University , Jordan) , Z. Al-Rawi (Yarmouk University , Jordan), W. Abu-Dayyeh (Sultan Qaboos University , Oman)
Estimation of finite population mean using random non-response in survey sampling


C. Skinner (University of Southampton), N. Shlomo (University of Southampton), A. Marujo (University of Southampton)
Representativity indicators for measuring survey quality


M.P. J. van der Loo (Statistics Netherlands)
Random walk methods for imputation of categorical data under edit restrictions


C. Cimini (Consortium Alma Laurea), C. Girotti (Consortium Alma Laurea), G. Gasperoni (Università di Bologna)
Modelling online survey partecipation among Italian university graduates


E. Getka-Wilczynska (Warsaw School of Economics) The Internet survey


F. Camillo (Università di Bologna), V. Conti (Consortium Alma Laurea), S. Ghiselli (Consortium Alma Laurea) Impact evaluation of different data collection methods using causal inference approaches


21.00 Conference Dinner


Friday, June 12 th


8.30-10.00 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 7

Surveys in Social Researches

Chair: M. Civardi (Università di Milano Bicocca)


8.30-8.50 M. Lalla (Università di Modena), D. Ferrari (Università di Modena), P. Frederic (Università di Modena) Nonrespondents and untraceable units in the surveys on economic conditions of households in Modena


8.50-9.10 S. Di Zio (Università di Chieti-Pescara), A. Pacinelli (Università di Chieti-Pescara) The use of panels in the evaluation of the scenarios. The stability of desired


9.10-9.30 O. Giambalvo (Università di Palermo), A.M. Milito (Università di Palermo)
A complex sampling design: a tourism case study


9.30-9.50 G. Carbonetti (ISTAT)
Use of sampling strategy in the Italian population census and accuracy of estimates for different territorial domains


9.50-10.00 Discussion


10.00-11.00 (Auditorium) Invited Session 4

Chair: G.E. Montanari (Università di Perugia)


10.00-10.45 Y. Tillè (Université de Neuchatel) Advances topics in balanced sampling


10.45-11.00 Discussion


11.00-11.30 Coffee Break


11.30-13.00 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 8

Socio-economic survey methodology

Chair: G. Marliani (Università di Firenze)


11.30-11.50 N. Cibella (ISTAT), C. De Vitiis (ISTAT), F. Polidoro (ISTAT), E. Scavalli (ISTAT), A. Sgamba (ISTAT), T. Tuoto (ISTAT)
A probability selection for sampling elementary items in Italian Consumer Price Survey


11.50-12.10 G. Ghellini (Università di Siena), A. D'Agostino (Università di Napoli), L. Neri (Università di Siena) Towards a longitudinal survey design for PhD evaluation


12.10-12.30 V. Verma (Università di Siena), F. Gagliardi (Università di Siena), C. Ferretti (Università di Firenze)
On pooling of data and measures


12.30-12.50 S. Zaccarin (Università di Trieste), C. Donati (Università di Trieste)
The use of sampling weights in multilevel analysis of Programme for International Student Assessment data


12.50-13.00 Discussion


13.00-14.30 Lunch


14.30-16.00 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 9

Sampling in foreign migration surveys

Chair: G. Blangiardo (Università di Milano Bicocca)


14.30-14.45 L. Terzera (Università di Milano Bicocca)
Sampling foreign migrants in Italy: an overview of a thirty-years experience


14.45-15.05 G. Baio (Università di Milano Bicocca), G. Blangiardo (Università di Milano Bicocca), M. Blangiardo (Imperial College, London)
Centre sampling technique in foreign migration surveys: a methodological note


15.05-15.25 C. De Vitiis (ISTAT), S. Falorsi (ISTAT), M.Perez (ISTAT), L. Quattrociocchi (ISTAT) L. Sabbadini (ISTAT)
Foreigners investigation using the Italian Multiscopo Sample Survey: a new opportunity


15.45-16.00 N. Schmitz (IPSOS)
Sampling foreigners: from a social issue to a marketing perspective


16.00-16.30 Coffee Break


16.30-18.00 (Auditorium) Specialized Session 10

Sampling Strategies for Administrative Archives

Chair: G. Coccia (ISTAT)


16.30-16.50 A. Mundo (INPS), G. Mattioni (INPS)
Sampling experiences of INPS Administrative Archives


16.50-17.10 M. Centra (ISFOL)
Weighting problems for samples based on administrative archives

17.10-17.30 G. Espa (Università di Trento), D. Filipponi (ISTAT)
Sample selections from the business register of local units


17.30-17.50 G. Bianchi (ISTAT), A. Reale (ISTAT), G. Ruocco (ISTAT)
The selection method of a subset of municipalities for the quality control survey of the prototype of the list of agricultural holdings


17.50-18.00 Discussion


18.00 -18.10 (Auditorium) Closure


18.10 (Auditorium) Meeting of the Working Group on Survey Sampling Methodology