Siena, 6th October 2010
Aula delle Colonne – Franco Romani – Facoltà Economia



The S.A.M.P.L.E. (Small Area Methods for Poverty and Living Condition Estimates) project is a research programme funded by European Commission under the Seventh Framework (FP7) Programme of the European Union. The project starts on March 2008 until March 2011.

The aim of  S.A.M.P.L.E. project is to identify and develop new indicators and models for inequality and poverty with attention to social exclusion and deprivation, as well as to develop, implement models, measures and procedures for small area estimation of the traditional and new indicators and models.








9.30 Opening (A. Riccaboni, A. Lemmi)


9.30- 10.30 Invited lecture and floor discussion

“Multidimensional measures of living conditions” Prof. Jacques Silber, (Chair A. Lemmi)


10.30- 11.00 coffee break


11.00-13.30 Contributions (20 minutes each + 5 minutes discussion) (Chair J. Silber)


Multidimensional poverty comparisons between the Italian and the Polish Regions: an Integrated and Fuzzy approach (A. Lemmi and T. Panek)


The Small Area Estimation of the quantiles of income distribution (S. Marchetti, C. Giusti, N. Salvati and M. Pratesi).


Some results from the survey on local stakeholders “The perception of local poverty and the relevance of main European poverty indicators” (Alessandra Petreri - Vice President Province of Pisa)


Variance estimation for measures of change (Stefan Zins – University of Trier)


Reweighted bootstrap standard error estimates for income poverty measures (Jan Kordos, Robert Wieczorkowski, Agnieszka Zieba-Pietrzak)


Cumulation of Poverty measures: the theory beyond it, possible applications and software developed (Francesca Gagliardi and Giulio Tarditi)


13.30 - 15.00 lunch



15.00 -16.30 SAMPLE project: last steps towards the ending! Lead Ian Perry and Monica Pratesi


The state of the art of each work package:

WP 1: New indicators and models for inequality and poverty with attention to social exclusion, vulnerability and deprivation (CRIDIRE)

WP 2: Small area estimation of poverty and inequality indicators (UNIPI-DISMAE)

WP 3: Integration of EU-SILC data with administrative data (Province of Pisa)

WP 4: Standardisation and application development - Software for living conditions estimates (Simurg)


Closing: Ian Perry